Dick Nash playing “I Cover the Waterfront”

Hey, here’s a beautiful live recording of the great Dick Nash. Enjoy!


Upcoming Gigs, Busking, Playing

I just thought I’d share with you when my upcoming gigs are coming up.  For now, I don’t have anything solid set up but I know that I will be busking in the upcoming months.  I’ll make sure to keep you all posted.

Simone’s Bio

Music has always been of great importance to me. I remember developing a deep passion for jazz around the age of sixteen.  This passion has been intensifying significantly over the years.  I feel that finally I’ve grown into the person I need to be to so that I can realize my musical aspirations. My current focus has been on listening/copying my favourite players some which are Carl Fontana, Jiggs Whigham, Dexter Gordon, Dave Robbins and Ian McDougall.  This experience so far has really improved my aural skills, my improvising chops as well as my overall musicianship.  For now, my musical future seems very promising and I look forward to creating music with my peers, my friends and, especially my mentors.

Demo Productions recording March 2013

The following is a link to my recently created sound cloud account.  In my account you’ll find my very first demo.  This demo was put together not too long ago. This project began being developed about a year ago, when I reacquainted myself with the recording of the Duke Ellington Orchestra performing the tune Blue Pepper.  This was already a recording I was pretty familiar with so I thought it would be fun to transcribe the main melody as well as some of the basic harmonies and get some of my friends to perform it with me.  This is exactly what I did.  I got the parts together and performed the piece with a 6-piece band in the performance techniques class at my school. I feel that this recording session will motivate me greatly to keep on transcribing music I love. In other words, it is the taking charge of the repertoire I want to perform.